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Hi! I'm Kameron -  a wedding videographer and planner, mama of two, wife, and Child of God. I love capturing the love and chemistry between my couples and showing all of the real, raw, special moments on one of the most important days of their lives. 

A little about my background-I shot my first wedding for a family friend as a senior in high school with a little digital Sony camcorder I had purchased to make a documentary of our Senior Year. I was so proud of that little camera and fell in love with shooting weddings after that day. I had never even heard of wedding videography and had no idea "highlight videos" were a thing, but that is exactly what I made for them! I LOVED that I had made them so happy with that simple little video. I took on multiple weddings throughout my college years but never thought to make it a career. The summer before graduating, I interned at Andrew Jackson's Hermitage in Hermitage, TN as an assistant to their event department. This is when I realized the wedding industry was where I wanted to be. After graduating, I worked at the Remington Suite Hotel and Spa in Shreveport, La for 4 years as the Event Manager. Flash forward to June 2020, I had my first baby. I knew I was not (nor would I ever be) ready to return to work. Being a stay at home mom was a dream of mine. My heart was pushing me to take the leap and finally pursue wedding planning as a career. Videography snuck back into my life and I was hooked. One more baby later, and I am living my dream as a wedding planner, videographer, and work-from-home mom. 


I would love to get to know YOU. Let's meet soon :)


- Kameron 

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