Boudreaux Events, Video offers a highly customizable package that allows you to create the perfect plan to suit your wants and budget.

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My Story

If you've visited my "About Me" page, then you've already learned a little bit about me and why I started Boudreaux Events. Now you may be wondering why I chose to add videography to my list of services. Video has been a hobby of mine since high school. It began my senior year when I made a documentary outlining our entire final year together. I then made a highlight film of my last year of basketball using the videos my mom had taken all year. I had no intentions of making money off this little hobby of mine until a few of my oldest sister's friends started getting married and asking If I could video the ceremony for them. At that time, videography wasn't really a known thing, at least not where I grew up, but I thought it would be fun to create and surprise them with little "highlights" of the ceremony and reception. When I realized I could make a couple hundred bucks (Ha!) while at it, I started accepting more and more requests from people I knew. It ended up being a good gig for a college freshman. Over the next couple years, my high school asked me back to video graduations and proms and sell my videos. It remained a hobby up until this past year and I realized, I'm actually quite good at this! Video is certainly a learning process, and I'm still getting there, but it's been something I have secretly dreamed of pursuing for a while now. If a customizable video package that won't eat up your budget is something you're looking for, then contact me! I'd love to work with you :) 

Create your Perfect Package

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Having a video you'll cherish forever doesn't have to eat up half your budget. This is for the budget conscious. Our most basic package, with the option to add on extras to fit your wants and needs. 


Maybe just having us there all day to catch every little detail is your number one priority. We offer a package that allows you to have a documentary-like wedding film that will make you relive the day every time you watch it. 


"Show me the package that has it all."  If that's what you're looking for, this is it.